Video : Blender Tutorial : Edge Split Modifier

Tutorial Video for Blender: Edge Split Modifier

Audi A5 Wireframe

Model of Audi A5 “Lightweight”

Client: Bryan Christie Design

BMW Wireframe


Client: Bryan Christie Design


Robot clock that sits on my desk. Recreated in 3d.

They Came from Outer Space

Created for a contest about “nature’s fury.”

Earth Editorial

Created for Aaron Dennis for Scholastic video project.

Candy God

Just a fun scene with a couple of gumdrop candy people watching their candy god marching past.

Quadruped / Motorcycle

I miss riding motorcycles and wanted to create something that crossed my love of bikes with robotics. Something that could be a little more all-terrain if necessary. Thus, the 4-legged motorcycle was born.

Snail Love

I wanted to use my surroundings as inspiration for scene creation and this track near my apartment served nicely.

Roswell Kids

I thought that having some alien kids playing with an RC flying saucer as the explanation for area 51 sightings would be a fun project.